Samstag, 16. Januar 2016

Little Red Riding Hood, Forest and Followership!

I wish you a wonderful and seizure-free weekend.
• Thank you for including me in your 
• Thank you for your ACTIVE FOLLOWING everywhere.

I am very happy about it!

How do you spend your leisure time?
I am just running through the wood like Little Red Riding Hood (5) - unfortunately I can't run as fast as Forest.

How do you spend your leisure time?

Run Forest run!
Whew - when I am getting tired I don't go home like Forest, I look at my Runkeeper App and run again... (1).
I affect positively my body components' value and fitness by doing so.

I run for fitness and against fear - just like Forest.
Ich laufe jetzt täglich für meine Fitness.
Das Laufen erzeugt Glückshormone und die Furcht vor den verworrenen Zeiten schwindet (2, 3).
Ich bin noch beim Training gegen die GERMAN ANGST...

Running better - maybe I should run for women's right and not for no reason like Forest.
It makes sense and I hope I get company soon...


By the way what does Follower and Followership mean?
• A Follower plays an active, participative role. That person SUPPORTS THE TEACHING or views of a leader.
• A Followership is involved in a process by which a person supports the VIEW of a leader.

Anhänger - Anhängerschaft
Die Begriffe sind - besonders durch den zweiten Weltkrieg - negativ angehaucht.
Interessant ist, dass diese beiden Begriffe heutzutage von der Medienwelt nicht mehr so negativ empfunden werden.
Der Begriff ist lediglich für EWIGGESTRIGE noch negativ besetzt.

Bericht: Anna Maria Zehentauer
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